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PillowWalkers are now sold exclusively on Amazon.com. PillowWalkers are foot cushions made from natural rubber and air combined to achieve a specific density of product.  The result is a lightweight foam that acts like a network of tiny soccer balls pressed together.  Trapped air provides cushioning and rebound.  Sore feet get effective separation from hard shoe leather.

We have kept our foot cushions simple and affordable.  There is no fabric or fluff on PillowWalkers.  That makes them reversible – turn them over to fit either shoe.

PillowWalkers can be stacked 2 or 3 deep if the shoe or boot has room.  Some of our larger customers can finally get some relief for painful feet by stacking their cushions.

Each insert is a full ¼” thick.  They work best in comfort shoes like sneakers and walkers that can be adjusted for extra room, but many of our customers cut them down to down to work in tighter dress shoes, or make custom pads for specific foot pain relief.  A friend cuts them off just below the balls of his feet to use in his dress loafers, which don’t have any spare room up front – that way he gets a soft feel under his heels and some arch support in the deal.

PillowWalkers can offer relief from bunion pain.  A relative who agreed to help test our material gave me her happy testimonial:  “Tio Ed – my bunion pain is gone!  I’m walking more confidently around the office – my posture is better!”

Our product is not “memory foam”, which flattens out and stays flat.  PillowWalkers will rebound between steps.  They will keep on working for weeks, maybe months, depending on your weight and activity level.  They will stay dry, especially if rotated occasionally.

Are PillowWalkers orthotic or orthopedic?  No.  They are honest, hard working cushions for the whole foot.  They are good for the sole!


Hair Stylist, Arlington Heights, IL

" After hearing me complain for years about how bad my feet hurt after a long days work, my husband heard about Pillow Walkers and bought me a package. After just 2days of use I could tell that not only did my feet feel better, but also my back! Awesome product, I plan to use through the rest of my career! "

Retired, Miami, Fl

" Thank you so much for sending me these Pillowwalkers. I was so pleased to get them so quickly because I am going to see my daughter and was dreading the sightseeing with my sore feet! I trimmed them a little and put them in my tennis shoes. They felt great! Now I have 3 pairs of shoes that feel so comfortable! "

Construction worker, Cleveland, Ohio

" My expensive Timberlines have never been so comfortable. What a surprise! I rotate a fresh pair into the boots every day. A day or two off and they’re like new. "

Legal Secretary, Cedar Rapids, Ia

" The hardwood floors where I work felt like granite against my feet. Now I’ve got some separation, like you said. This is much better. I recommend these to anyone who wants something “squishy” under their feet. "

Customer, Dallas, Texas

" Just wanted to let you know I put the insoles in a pair of Ecco shoes I have that are worn out with regards to the comfort padding and I feel like I am walking on air! The outside of the shoes are perfectly fine still but the support was shot as I have worn them do death over the past 2 years. They feel new and VERY comfortable now - better than they did new!........too cool. "

Waitress, Rockford, Il

" I’m actually hopping around the restaurant. Its easier to smile at the customers. Thanks. I mean it! "

Interior Designer, United States

" I always have inserts in my shoes/boots since I always have long days of walking through trade shows, showrooms and job sites with clients and contractors. PillowWalkers are by far the most durable of them all. No worn out toe or heel areas after prolonged use like most other brands. For $25 you receive 4 pairs which is a deal considering how long they last. Excellent product, I highly recommend! "

Nurse, Chicago, IL

" I got started using the ¼” cushion – very noticeable – very effective. But then I had to find a way to stack them. Glad I did. "

Letter Carrier, Salem, Ma

" No joke. This is radical. I wish you’d done this 10 years ago. About a quarter of our carriers are already into these. "

Retired, Indianapolis

" My daughter works in retail sales – on her feet all day. So I sent her a package. Now she calls me a few times a week to say thanks. Great investment. "

Golfer, Scottsdale, Arizona

" I went out and bought a pair of golf shoes that has room for double pillowwalkers – love it. "

Sales, Green Bay, Wi

" You did it. For once a shoe insert product has exceeded my expectations. Don’t stop making these. "

Operating Room Nurse, New York City

" Soft on the foot but firm in its support.Feels good even after 8 full hours on my feet. "

Nurse, San Jose, CA

" It's softer than a Dr.Scholl's insole and even if it's bigger than my foot, I can stuff it in my shoe and it feels comfortable. "
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